Stephanie Hare

technology · politics · history


I love to research and share what I find through writing, radio and television.

Recently I've been exploring the growing use of biometrics, particularly in the United Kingdom.

That's part of a wider interest in privacy, civil liberties and data protection, and how technology companies and governments are figuring this out (see my Harvard Business Review case study).

This stems from my training as an historian, for which I interviewed Maurice Papon, a civil servant convicted of crimes against humanity in 1998 for his role in France's persecution of Jews during the Second World War -- but never brought to account for his role in France's persecution of Muslims during the Algerian War of Independence.

And then there's research that's seriously fun.

For BBC radio, I've explored the history and future of women in cybersecurity, ethical disobedience, the fitness habits of world leaders, mental health in the workplace, how to stimulate your creativity, the gender pay gap at home, why humans will keep learning other languages despite translation technologies, and the art of the side hustle.. 

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